Thursday, September 22, 2011

people just dont appreciate what they have now and they kept on asking fr more and more :)

am i right? hee thats it. i seriously miss the moment we the magnificient seven , working hard all the day and night just to win the CARMA. i cried a lot when teacher told me that i am chosen fr the CARMA, bcse i dont even know any of them above, except fr afiqah. i pray a lot day and night so that Allah would make things easy fr me at terengganu. it is my first time i came to terengganu, so it was like very weirdo -.- i never thought that they are just friendly and cool, just like my other friends. all this while i seriously think that they are weird people yg kerek gilaaa, instead they love to make joke, stupid joke, and we cant stop laughing all the day when we are announced as the champion of CARMA. haha that is what we call BELAGAK :)

thats the fact, accept it people we have won hahaaaaaaaa *evil laugh