Thursday, December 15, 2011

- - - - - - - -

idk whats going on with my friends since i left tgb mjsc -.-
i think i should stay away from them & mind my own bussiness for this miserable week.
but when i received a caall from atin last night , i soon realise that there are LOTSS of news that i have missed when i'm away 0.o
i just knew that imaaan n shaz kena pg raub fr their plkn, whereaas atin dpt kualakangsar, farah dpt slimriver, n unexpected , hazi dpt sandakan saabahh, i was like mcm mana aku bole tktau ni -.-
hahaaa lame gila aite? but then what to do? i prefer being like this when i got problems
ni pun A yg ajar klau ade prob just jadi katak bwh tmpurung until you're done berkaabung , haha like boyf like girlfriend laah, am i rite baaabyy? <3
oh its not me who create the problem but its YOU who start it first.
but then i won't blaaaaaame you friend
it maybe my fault too as i didn't keep in touch with YOU so often
YOU should understnd my situation
i just want our relationship to be normal as we used before -.-
i really miss our happy moments together
aandd i couldn't stop thinking abt YOU everytime i see the picture of us in my phone