Friday, December 16, 2011

you never know when they're going to leave you

aayob cafe :D its a plaace wheere we met old friends since it is located neaarby our residentiaal a aarea. so we went there at 8 & blabla. smpaai2 je dah 8.15, yeah we never arrived at the right time -.- zanie shared his experience kena gantung asrama fr abt 3 months n they live in a renthouse nearby their sch. its 21 of them okkayy. you never change zanie:P qayyum is taller now. its good to see his changes, tadela kena kutukk ketot lagi en. nnti ssume ade prgrm sndr aftr spm. its must be haaardd to meet this people agaain rite 0.o i missss the moment we the adilliaan <3 having fun together since we have been together for abt 3 yeaaaaars c: znie alwaaays tease me with his joke , razin alwaays aaccompanied me whereever i go , ain also aalways help me to buy caaanteen's food n qyyum who aalwaays make me laaugh <3 thanks koraaaaaaaaang, till we meet in the heaven :) the rest is history.