Monday, January 2, 2012

bila dah lama tak buat

just now we have potluck at my acik's house. ohmaai her house is veryyyyyy far away frm mine. so like i fall asleep on our way to there heee :D then when i meet all my relatives there, i was like woaaaah ramainya haha mcm raya pulak en :p then the last to arrive is maklong and family. aftr that we talk n eat n laugh hhaa it kinda fun to see this kind of situation after months i have been TERPERUK in the TGB due to SPM. so like i try to ride AMIN's bicycle, he's a 10-years-old cousin of mine. and i accompany izzaty to the NEARBY shop(like it is not very near, it is actually kinda FAR haha) to buy topup. dkat kdai pun org dah pndg aku pelik, sbb i never been there kot haha c: on our way back ktorg ikut jln jauh , ikut area terrace tu then saw few hot guys there haha cuci mataaa weh. then masa nk turun bukit tu lupa pulak that bicycle takde brake! pergh apelagi using fipper tu aku stop kan bicycle tu , nearly nak termasuk dlm semak kat situ and i ended up dgn luka kat kaki. calarbalar weh toes aku haha anyway i have fuun haha. and few seconds aftr that accident farez and my csns sume lalu dkat the same way haha nasib je dorang tanampak, if not mmg kena bahan laa sbb takreti bwaak bicycle haha :D so the sad part is bila nk balik, aww hee so thats all kot. toodles!