Sunday, January 22, 2012

i cant stand this

its been 2 weeks i'm in uitm shah alam. idk whether this is good fr me or not. i just go with the flow and mostly peeps encourage me to go for it. so i just go for it. may ALLAH help me :) so far life is good lah kut ? idk how to say this but i still cant accept the environment that is way too different frm tgb.

so on the 2nd week, there is a lot of quiz. yeah eventho study mcm nk gila pun mrkah aku still atas pagar. haha the best part is in ms chntra's class. she already said that it is a quiz n she will ask fr the paper back to record our mark, but then when evrybody saw the question n found it that the ques were very 1000x hard, they was like 'ala buka buku jela.' so when we at the middle row saw the guys were like selamba gila bukak buku, then we decide to do do too. except for afiq, haha dia je yg mcm sorok2 buku kat bwah meja haha klakar gila time tu :D the rest is history

okay the bad part is , time class MA2. kena gabung class dgn class A. our class cme later bcse we got class bfore that. then we have to sit at the back bcse the other class had fill up the seats in front. suddenly teacher want a volunteer to read the notes given , then she said that if there's no volunteer, she will pick a name frm the list. so i was like a bit relieve bcse our class list is not with her, n the list is still being passed. so aku dh mmg cnfirm tchr tkkkan plih aku haha. then out of sudden she said that she will pick randomly. pergh n she said that 'i want to choose peeps at the back one. yg tudung putih tu'. n sume org mcm nk tgk la sapa yg tchr pilih, n all of them focusing on me. i was like, aku pkai tudung putih ke hariini, sbb i was wearing grey scarf. then bella who are the one wearing white scarf pun dh glabah sbb dia dduk sbelah aku. haha then tchr said that i want you; 'yg kat tgah tu' so sume mcm pndg blkg balik n i knw all the eyes are staring at me. okay mmg glabah gila time tu haha dlm hati i dah pelik gila knapa i jugak doh kne pilih, instead of the guy whose sitting infront of me yg tido je spnjg class tu -.-so the whole week mmg sume budak klas a n b knal muka aku sbb case tu -.- end