Saturday, January 7, 2012

i'm counting days

3 days more to go. and aftr that i'll be leaving fr uitm shah alam. thats it. i just accepted the offer frm mara. alhamdulillah :) so peeps you wont seeing me posting those craps anymore. i will be missing you guys, so wish me luck fr life in there. eventho it is not so far frm my house, but i'm pretty sure that i'll be facing HOMESICK again n again. luckily arina, zafirah, ily, and amir also will be going at the same place wth me :) budak2 plkn dah pergi. alan ain shaz iman atin afiqah, hope korang have fun jadi wira2 negara heee. atin texted me on the first day she arrived there. n dia kantoi bwak phone. aduii tpaksa bg kat org tu haih dh tkdpt nk tau crita atin. missyou :( oh yea i have told ms irene abt the job and i have to let it go, sorry dibaboo, i cant accompany you. haha aku yg beria2 nk kerja then aku pulak yg tak kerja. GILA en? hahaa and also ithe driving class? haih ni lagi satu, kena hold sbb nk masuk uitm ni. maybe i'll attend it when cuti sem kot. azlin pun nk masuk KKTM dah, buat biochem. goodluck dear ! so i think thats all kot fr now. anything in uitm will be update soon. wait fr the post heee