Sunday, January 1, 2012

sometimes you can't predict it

alhamdulillah i just received an email frm pgrah mara i thot, its about the fast track prgrme that we have applied for and i am accepted fr CAT-ACCA course. in uitm shah alam. guess what? its the same UNI as lukman, and i seriously dont want to be there :0 seriously how am i going to face him EVERYDAY ohmaiii -.- i have to fill in the form by this thurs and on 10 jan i have to GO there fr registration n stuff. seriously idk wheether i shud go for it or not. if i go for it, then i will have to catch up n work VERYVERYVERY hard for it bcse i dont have that basic. seriously i have to do istikarah pray. peeps pray fr me too thnks xoxo

<3 naniesuffianlim