Sunday, February 19, 2012

for the time being

i already passed my midterm test. alhamdulillah eventho i am not the one with the highest mark fr the 4 paper but i am grateful that i didnt failed. but i am disappointed that fr FAB paper, i didnt score much. A said : its okay nanie, you can do better next time. heee thanks tau. right now i'm thinking of deactivated facebook and TWITTER. being in uitm makes me feel like in a JAIL. it is more terrible than TGB -.- please strengthen me ya ALLAH. after the camp, i think that i stalk too much and i curse a lot. more than i used to be. this is because i really hate the camp (actually) , but i cant show to others that i'm sad. it is just not me. haihh i think the most hardest thing to do now is deactivated twitter. dear ALLAH please help me, i wouldnt want to be jahil anymore as i used to before. i would want to be a better person for you. protect me frm hasad & dengki of others. insyaALLAH. wish me luck too peeps, jazakallahuhair :) my trial n final exam is around the corner. i wish i could have GENIUS brain & someone to inspire me to studyyyyyyyyyyyy hard :| peeps, please pray fr me ; insyaALLAH nanie suffian lim will be getting excellent result for SPM, trial & also FINAL exam. AMIN. may ALLAH bless you guys