Saturday, February 4, 2012

mingle2 at KELA


1st day being there is sucks. what do you feel when kena buang frm by own teammates? DER -.- you know what its feel aite. makan dalam oh. malu sbb kena pegi depan n you know at that moment peeps are staring at you and only ALLAH know what's deep in their heart. so here i am with the new peeps ; shah zaf wafiy caer faiz mitol sab eiffah. luckily zaf had cool me down. thnks zaf

2nd day is quite fun, i have successfully climb the spiderwall and i beat mitol :) haha poor mitol n shah, they are kind of gayat kot when they reached at the top. but its okay that we the GABON has successfully collected 51 kcang hijau with the members of 9. yeay GO GABON ! during our performance, i decided not to participate in it as i have my own reason to do so and i know shah is bengang with me. sorry gabon.

last day is AWESOME! i cant wait to go home! eh i mean uitm. being here is a nightmare. i dont know why but i dont want this to happen again. this would be the last camp that i went. no more camp please. finally : we won the glamourous team.

at last