Friday, February 10, 2012

stuck in the middle of crowd

tadi dlm lift was like stuck gila, aima ummi mitol akma syana bella n me were in the lift going down to level 1 from level 14. it was kind of lengang at that time bcse there were not many people at the time ktorg naik lift tu. when it stop at level 4, pergh ramai gila nak masuk en then we have to move backward n you-know-who is there too! ohmigod i was like sooooooooooooooooo extremely excited n aima n ummi were looking at me that the moment you-know-who entered haha eventhough his hair is damn ugly but then its okay hahaa atleast dpt jugak cuci mata dlm lift heee then bila dh smpai at level 1, the guys in front us were not moving at all and i was like eh asal tak gerak ni doh kang takpasal kne tggu naik level 14 lagi skali mmg berbulu ah en -.- then mitol was like err tumpang lalu haha with her innocent face n the guys were like sapa yg nk keluar ni? then some of them were pushing us backward haih susah betul share 1 lift in the same faculty ni bila lg 2 lift nk siap doh.