Sunday, March 4, 2012

best event ever by apacs


fruit fest event by apacs - was the best event fr us kot kan mitol? haha since before this we were being bullied by apacs due to elimination frm our group sobsobbb :( when we first arrive at the hall then we were like searching fr our group port tapi tkjumpa2. then out of sudden afique came n asked us what is our group num awwww that is shho shweeeeeet of you afique heee. n he showed us our port. luckily we got the strategic place that we can see the performance w/o peeps blocking our way heeee. then its time to eat. lots of fruit were served. there is durian pulasan mangga langsat n etc. apacs also served fried rice, sambal n bread. it is worthed bcse we only pay rm3 but we get more than we paid. thanks apacs <3