Sunday, March 25, 2012

its amazing how one tiny thing can ruin my day

so yeah here goes the tiring day :)

at 8.30 am imann fetch me up at my house n then we went to uitm shah alam fr the SELANGKAH KE UITM day , and it was awesome bcse banyaaaaaaaaaaak gila hotguy hahaa but i was wondering if they are 18 or they are older than us bcse most of them look like they are already 20 ++ . after that we went to oneutama bcse syahira <3 is already there to watch hunger games with me :) ohmaigad its been a while since i met her n i talked much that i really miss to share stories with heer. im gonna miss you guys like hell babes, its such a great to meet both of you eventhough it is only a day muah

xx, nanieslim <3