Friday, March 16, 2012

its been months and i'm still counting

hell-oh march :) its been three months i'm here in uitm shah alam -.- and a lot of things happen to me! the best part is i am still here. i cant turn back as this is my choice to be here. eventhough many bad things happen to me but still i am here baby. i have faith in Allah that he will always be there fr me in every circumstances that i face. thank ALLAH :) alhamdulillah
i have passed my trial exam with 2A's. next week im going to sit fr the CBE( computer based examination) which will decide whether i'm going to pass the exam n qualified fr the study grant or not. i'm nervous tho. but then i am willing to accept what ALLAH has fate fr me :)wish me luck peeps, jazakallahukhair <3

haha this is the first post w/o pictures. big applause pls heeee