Friday, April 13, 2012

i think we are both bad drivers, arent we sofea hasmira? haha

at first it was my idea to have a jog together with fat, opie, arina, and fira. but then, arina have to go to sunway bcse she need to do some shopping haha so it just me opie, fira n fat. the morning, it was raininnnnng heavily. so the jog plan was cancelled. opie picked me n fira at 10 , after they had such a bad experience in uitm hahah it was hard fr them to find the seroja college that they almost got into kenanga college. harhar we are heading to mcd at pkns and met fat there. after that we went to jusco bukit raja, which was awesome! haha opie nearly got knocked by a car as the car went too fast n we didnt notice it. alhamdulillah we arrive there safely.