Saturday, April 7, 2012

i wonder if i'll see you again

dear A ,

i still cant get rid you outta of my mind, i myself dont know why it happen. i cant accept it when i saw yr tweets with her, it make me feel like i'm nothing to you. sorry that i stalk you much that you really cant expect how many times i go through yr conversation with her hahaa dear ALLAH please strengthen me so that i can accept the fact well. seriously i miss you syg that i cant do anything w/o remembering you as anything that i did remind me of you, haha it sound critical rite? only ALLAH know what deep inside my heart -.- i hope you can understand my situation and try to understand my feeling tooooooo. but too bad i know yr heart isnt mine now, yet it is her's. i ask fr yr forgiveness Allah please give me strength to face all this, i dont wanna cry all the day as it will cause me to have the uglyyy eyebags on the next day haha last but not the least i know you're reading this but i have to admit that i really love you :( i'm missing you very baaaaaaaaad. i miss the moment you used to text me whenever i need you because you knw that i need you all the time. haha when im not in the mood you always cheer me up with yr funny jokes, you always say that you love me and you knw that the way you say you love me is the best way to make me smile :) haha i think thats y i like you n i cant let you go. seriously i'm sorry that i cause you a lot of trouble all this while. i know i am stupid to let you go at the first but i really cant be with you when i know that you'll suffer with me. okay i think this is enough to said. i keep praying to ALLAH so that you are happy with her and may we find our true love one day. and if we are meant to be together, hopefully one day i'll meet you again, in jannah i suppose? boii <3

lotsalove, yr nightmare;
nanieslim <3