Friday, April 27, 2012

insyaALLAH we'll get it if we make the effort

we went to the wetworld to have a jog that afternoon. haha it was fun tho :D we met many kind of people there. harharr especially when we saw a group of HOT guys there haha and i was like pretending that i am not going to look at their face when we bumped into them heeee :D so after the jog, we went to sec2 to have our dinner. then when it comes to pay the bill, shu was like 'dont you think that my money is missing?' -.- okaaaaaaay this is serious. i only bring 11rm and i have to pay fr arina's also. so we were like so panic. we take a walk around the foodcourt to borrow some money from our friend(if they were there) but unfortunately they werent there. so i got the idea! we have to asked help from budak jati. WE HAVE TO because we havent got enough money. i dont want to gadai any of my thing haha takpasai je satgi aku kena basuh pinggan kat kedai tuu, haih naya -.- so shu called luqman and asked fr his help. haha eventhough it is kind of memalukan to pinjam duit from him but what to do? we are desperate. hahaaa :D thankyou luqman fr being the saver of the day :) atleast aku tayah singsing lengan bertungkus lumus basuh pinggan kat blkg kedai tuuu mwehehhe :D so thats all fr the day.