Saturday, April 14, 2012

thanks fr yr advice brader

today my driving class was cancelled due to - haha not to be mentioned i think. so we ended up waiting fr the bus until 12.15 pm. as if it was planned, i met an old friend in the bus. haha i was kinda shocked when some1 approached me out of blue. it was my bestfriend when i was 12 ; divya. she is working at mph one utama. so we went to the oneutama together :) we talked a lot in the bus hahaa mcm takpenah jumpa kawan je kaaaan. so when we arrived at the first floor, we straight heading to gsc to buy the tickets. fortunately it was not so long line after all that i might die due to starving haha :p when we were at the counter to buy the tickets, the guy whose in charge of being the cashier at the counter was like very friendly haha

WE: 3 tickets fr hunger games at 1.40 please
G: front seat only left
WE: alaaaaaa, nak tgok crita ni jugak
G: alaaa bukan best pun cerita ni. y dont you guys try tgok battleship?
WE: what time?
G: 2.10, 3 tickets. the seats are so okay
WE: okay. thanks
G: :)

after that we went to go for a walk and bought the popcorn just before we got into the hall. and guess what? it was the SAME GUY that we met at the counter just now adeeii and at the moment he saw US, he was like smiling all the way. its kinda scary but then we have to order though as the line at the next counter is way too long. grr so like we just order it haha and it was funny to see our face that time. tahan gelak gilaaa :D oh and we are so amazed that there were too many of CUTE GUYS at the popcorn counter adeiii especially the one that in charge at the right side hahaa :P
we got into the hall veghy early that we could have ate the popcorn until it is left half and quarter when the movie started haha and then the movie started. awww it is shoooo shweeet of the guy name hopper that he is willing to get the chicken britto by all the way that he could. awwwwwww <3 all i can say is the movie was AWESOME! credit to the guy who introduced this story to us heee and the best part today is i only spent like 30 yeayy no shoppingggg :)