Sunday, May 13, 2012

im not going to lose you anymore

its been awhile since i havent going out with my friends and have a talk like crazehh harhar :p so there are afiqah ain razin n qayyum harhar :p i miss the old US, i mean US, you know who i meant right haha. i miss the time when we the mag 7 lepak and laugh out loud, aww. and also i miss the adilians too, there is left few weeks more to go before all of us will go to U or matriks, phew. i dont know whther i can accept this or not but it is sad when your friends gonna leave you, like fr few years i think? huh -.- biasanya aku yg tggalkan dorg, but then ni smua nk pergi :( so here are the list of people and their next destination

hidayah, dibba, sab : matriks banting
shaf, tasha, tasya : matriks kedah
razin, asma, irfan : puncak alam
qayyum: unikl/uitm dungun
syaza : uitm kterengganu
sharifah, atin : uitm arau
syahira, mira izzah : uitm shah alam yeayy
farah aisyah, ain, afiqah : UM
afnan : poli shah alam, yeay!

so i think thats all fr the day. kbaii xx