Saturday, May 19, 2012

magnificient seven i'll not frgt you guys forever n ever :)

so here it comes the mags 7 again, eventho it is not 7 at that time haha it just 5 of us, shafiyyah n shaneena werent around as they cant get out at night haha. we have fun last night, and as usual my voices will be the loudest one last night haha dah cukup sesi memalukan diri sndiri kat ayob then we went outside to get the beautiful scenery hewhew :) its been awhile since we last took pictures together i tho. and this would be the last one before you guys get into uni/matriks. have fun guys, i have go through it, so it would be you guys next heee :D ya Allah please strengthen my friends so that they dont have to get through homesick phase too long. please protect them from bad people. i love you guys magnificient 7 , shafiyyah syadza who would not stop cursing all the time hahahah esp when she's driving, harhar nur amanda who always be the victim of the day hahaha sorry manda i always hurt you but still ilapyou haha, natashah faradibba who always be there for me, eventhough i always hurt you, haha but you'll be the BEST FRIEND i ever had dibaaa thanks a lot! natasha shaneena who always sulk when we tease her and currently im missing those moment when 7 of us gather at the hall and yeah bully session start hahaha sorry tasha :D farah hanna ; ohmaigad this little girl would not stop talking until the end of the day, and i always scolded her fr being soooooo loud hahaha but noww... i miss the loudness we used to make haarhar. and the last one is.. natasya nadzmi , ilove this girl. she always sit besides me and now im alone without you -.- i hope to see you guys in the future and hereafter, insyaALLAH. you guys are the greatest friends that i ever have xx