Monday, May 7, 2012


hey there, its kinda long since i last updated my blog rite hee so now im here, updating this blog again. on last saturday, me, sab n dibba went to the curve to watch the AVENGERS. omg i crave to watch this movie since last weeeek. haha i laugh out loud in the cinema as the hulk n ironman never stop fighting, haha n also thor <3 aww im in love with thor very much haha because he is strong and handsome, awww and ironman is sooooo sweet, i love the part when he called miss pott but then ms pott was so busy watching the scene in tv that she missed the call frm ironman. at the moment ironman was so weak and he already closed his eyes as he wont see the world again. HARHAR how i wish i have a boyfriend just like ironman, he's rich, strong, have the power, and *cough cough handsome haha eventhough he is kind of tua kan haha so after the movie we went to tesco to pay a visit to syahirah n aishah. omg it have been ages since i last met them, at the same place tho. haha so thats all i think fr the great day. boiboi <3