Thursday, June 21, 2012

i didnt do a crime, its just a mistakes

i have missed you like hell and i know its my bad to leave you fr that girl because i think she is perfect fr you but i wrong. totally wrong as i know that i couldnt get you back after that because thats what i've promised to you. i just want you to be happy with the person that you deserve to have and im pretty sure the person is not me. its not that my love towards you have been vanished but i just want the best fr you as i hurt you a lot and i cant be with you as my parents wont allowed us to be in relationship, they said being friends is enough but they dont know how much WE struggled to be in this relationship, and i am tired of fighting over it. guess i give up so soon? darling i dont want to see you cried because of me im so sorry that i'm the first girl that makes you cried so hard. i shouldnt let you go but i have faith in Allah that if we're meant to be together, we'll met one day. i cant wait fr the day as i believe that you're my soul and i love you so much dear. being in this relationship makes me believe that not all relationship will ended up with fighting. i'll remember you and our memories together eventhough we're not going to be together forever :( im sorry that i have to write this as i dont know to whom should i spill out my feelings because people may say im insane because im so over you but i know that only you who'd be the one that understand my feelings well. i said it, you are making me head over heels on you. and i just cant stop thinking of you each day as i woke up with hopes that you'll be there and saying good morning to me, and sent me those sweet texts wishing me goodnight. and i sleep with my smile on my face and you wont know