Tuesday, June 26, 2012

i'll forever loving you

you said it was over. WAS

i dont know whether we should have it start all over or not. i still love you , i'll forever loving you dear. but i dont know whether to be in relationship again is the best fr us. im afraid of losing you again and again. you should know that. i just want to make sure everything is okay and everyone can accept the idea of us being together.
"One of the simplest ways to stay happy, is to let go of the things that makes you sad". i am missing you like hell since we ended our relationship that day. and you know when im sad i will be someone who is just so not me. but what really turn me on is when you called me those days just to make sure that i have sleep eventhough sometimes you didnt get an answer. you're such a good boy darling. i know that our loves wont last long but i want to feel it to the last. i admit this that i love you dear A and i want you to be with me forever, please dont leave me even fr a sec that im gonna miss you like hell. you're the only one boy that really make me turn on. i dont like the idea peeps saying all the bad things about you but i know you're not like that. i just want you to know that i'll be there for you,