Thursday, June 28, 2012

im so in love with you henry sturges

im missing my girls. so bad.

bila nk pulang ke ganggang wahai sabrina jafri, afiqah mustafah. perghhhh its been so long since we lepaks together rite. the only best friend i have here is azlin zahari. i used to spill all my feelings to aliiin. bet she's such a gooood friend and im missing her. but she's going back to kktm this sunday. awwwwww and shes only gonna be here in raya i tho? pergh pergh pergh im so gonna miss her! yesterday we went out and its only both of us. yeah because i dislike hang out with too many people at a time because i may not able to talk to everyone at a time. so get in the main topic. we went to watch the vampire hunter and it is damn scary omg i screamed out loud in the cinema hall as jack bart is such a cruel vampire and i hate him hahahahaha and omg im so in love with henry sturges omg omg iloveyou henry please marry me hahahhahaha he's such a loyal boyfriend and he's willing to do anything fr his girlfriend omg im so inlove with him hahahahahha okay i should stop now. thanks alin fr the day, im gonna miss you <3
i shall be dreaming of you tonight henry sturges loves xx