Friday, June 22, 2012

pray until something happen

nanie : hello! so when is it yr jpj test?
azlin : this monday, so we'll be meeting up! yeay
nanie : ohmyAllah, i'm too scared fr the test i thought :(
azlin : surely. we'll both passed it well. no worries Amin :)

so yeah azlin and me will be going fr jpj test this monday as she is going back to ledang soon. aww i havent get the chance to hangout with her yet she's going so soon. insyaAllah we'll both passed it, Amin! im too nervous as i cant stop thinking about it each second. ya Allah please easier our jpj test. we have tried our best fr the test. wish me luck peeps fr the test. i'll be grateful fr passing the test as i have gone through a bad accident few months ago. insyaAllah i'll be more careful after this. pray fr me yeah people.