Sunday, June 10, 2012

wetworld babyyy :)

heyhey its been awhile since i last posted on this dusty blog rite harhar sorry peeps its just i dont have much time to update, im currently having my final exam in uitm shah alam. so on last friday which is on 8 june, after the MA2 paper, me, akma, mitul, bella, hanna and aima went to the wetworld to release our tension after the killer paper. alhamdulillah all of us got good result and we passed with flying colours :) thank Allah. we arrived there at around 1 pm harhar and i thought that there will be least people, especially the BOYS because it is time fr solat jumaat. but then as i can see there is a lot of hot guys there hahahah sah ponteng solat jumaat :p so we then try all the water port there, and the latest one is superbowl. omg im so excited to try that! and i tried it fr few times hahaha and i lost my voice on the next evening as i scream loudly too much that day. hewhew okay so here i am, typing this entry fr you guys to see :) enjoy yr day! and you are welcome to come to wetworld too, boiboii <3