Saturday, July 21, 2012

happy fasting people!

well yeah, ignore my pretty face :p

hi. im home again (: so yeah please ignore my last post unless you are the one that i meant. well yeah its 1st of ramadhan already and yet i am counting fr eid which is on 20th of august i think harhar. i am so excited for eid because last year i dont have the chance to celebrate it with my aunties, uncles and cousins, which is the worst eid ever fr me. this year insyaAllah we'll be going to celebrate it with them yeay! i miss those moments when atuk was here. he used to be the one whose so enthusiastic when it comes to the preparation of eid. i miss atuk very much :( may Allah bless you atuk. as today is the first day of fasting, i am thankful to Allah that he had given me the chance to celebrate it with my family, unlike the two years before. i was really sad at that time because my mom wont let me go home because it would trouble me to go home all alone from malacca. i already bought some food to bring to uitm shah alam as i know that i would not eat much during the sahur time. these include cereals, bread and instant drinks. may this ramadhan will be better than last year's. insyaAllah till then, xx