Saturday, July 14, 2012

i hate choosing

new sem is kind a killing me actually with those serabut thingy fr choosing class n lecturer. haiyo i still dont get the motive why we have to choose the lecturer and our class by ourself. y dont you just set it out like you did last semester? wouldnt it be better than this? omg im so pissed off -.- we already planned to be in the same class but it ended up that 3 of us cant make it, which is akma, mctop and bella. it is so frustrating you know.
this is what we have gone through all the day

1. we have to look fr the best class n lecturer that we have to arrange our schedule by ourselves
2. we went to the 1428 and queued up
3 we forgot that we should have write down the group name
4. we have to go back to the board and back to 1428
5. we have queued up fr a long time and then when it comes to akma turn, which is just after my turn, the group that we have decided is fully booked.
6. akma and mctop have to be in the B class fr FFA & FMA
7. we queued up fr FTX & FFM class
8. it was a long queue that we have to wait fr 15 -20 mins. while we're waiting, the apacs announced that class FTX (c) is fully booked, so we changed to (b) class
9. again, the class FTX (b) is fully booked so we have to changed it to (a).
10. when it comes to our turn, we asked the apacs how many spaces are left fr class (a) so they said that it was 11 spaces left. and there was 11 of us, yeay!
11. but when it comes to my turn, someone came up and said that she wanted to change her class. WTH? she brought her friends too and there is only 2 spaces left.
12. akma, mctop n bella have to back off. they HAVE TO be in the other class.
13. we went to seroja with tired face that we nearly got the place fr all of us but it ended up that few of us cant make it.

i hope that i can pass with flying colours this semester insyaAllah (: wish me luck peeps jazakallahukhair