Saturday, July 14, 2012

i used to hate school days but now i admit that i already missing those school days (:

we werent planned to go to school actually but when siti tweet me last night and asking me to keep her accompany to the school and i was like errrrrrrrrrrr okay because its been awhile since i last met her at arina's sister wedding (: im missing school like hell dude! unfortunately there are many new teachers in the school that only few of them still remember me because i leave the school too early that they frgot me too easily, i guess so? i went to smk s10 with ain, dayah and arina. as we arrived there, im looking fr siti and azree. and yeah finally i met them (: i was likeee ohmy siti, kenapa kecik sgt ni hahahhaha tak berubah2 since dulu :p we then heading to canteen where all the people are shouting like hell and i got dizzy when they approached people and start to promote their foods and stuff omg lama sgt tak sekolah dah lupa mcm mana kita dulu jual2 pun mcmni jugak jerit sana jerit sini haarhar and then we met amanda, fath and amir. fath is so excited that she shouted out loud when she saw us, awww i miss her. we also met naqib and fasheeha, fairuz and some other people that i might not remember their names but their faces look familiar to me. so yeah i met miss raja too and she kept complaining to me about my brother harhar so far there is no teacher that wouldnt complain about him. im used to it haha like brother like sister yeah?