Friday, July 6, 2012

last friday

its already 6th of july and i should be ready mentally and physically to go to the uitm salam back. yeah here i come uitm salam, phew the 2 weeks hols is kinda killing me with those boring routine but still, i enjoy my hols :) i wish fr a longer hols like fr a month maybe? harharrr oh come on, i just want to have a lazy routine again and again until i feel satisfied enough lol okay i have packed my clothes and toiletries so far, and i think my stuff is kinda lot that i should repacking so that less things that will be brought there, plus im going home every single week so i think it is okay fr me to bring less things there yeahhh :D im craving fr ikea's meatball omg omg omg tmrrow im gonna go to ikea fr that food like seriously hewhew thats all fr now boiboi xx