Sunday, July 22, 2012

till the cows come home

hi and salam peeps. its not too late fr me to wish you guys happy fasting right hewhew. its been two days of fasting yet i still dont have the chance to go to the bazaar ramadhan. im just too lazy to move my butt off out of this house harharr. so yeah here i am blogging and keep posting a post whenever im bored. i got a lot of assignment nevertheless i still didnt finish it because i want to have a relaxing weekend with my family. these 2 days are suppose to be the break day for me to spend with my comfy bed. for me it is the most good feeling to be in my bed on weekend having such a safe and sound sleep. i shall be off now because it is zohor's time already. have a nice day people, insyaAllah. till then, xx salam (: