Saturday, July 28, 2012

what do you expect from me

being in uitm shah alam is not that terrible, eventhough there are many bad things happened to me instead of good things. i never regret of being in here, because it is my choice and it is me who decided to be in here. but the thing is i couldnt accept this new environment here. i wish i could be strong enough to face all the challenge by myself without depending on anyone. but i might not able to face it all by myself. i need friends whose can be my good listener, friends who can motivate me, friends whose can comfort me whenever i get sad, friends who always can be there for me even in im in such a bad condition. i need that type of friend, not the one who only take me for granted. but nobody is perfect right? i accept them for who they are eventhough some of them hurt me very often that sometimes i get irritated and i cried all alone because i didnt want to say it on their face. this week i cried too much that i cant cry anymore because there is no tears to cry on. you guys have known me for 7 months and more, supposely you guys know that when i act strangely it means i get mad with you guys. it is too much to say sorry to me? derr you dont expect me to be nice with you if you yourself didnt at least tried to appreciate me as your friend. im so sorry that i have to write this, but i dont know to whom should i spill out my feelings.