Friday, July 20, 2012

you blew me up

im not that mean, i just want you to notice that i kinda disappointed with your behaviour. at first i just keep it to myself because i know that maybe you're just busy with your own life and you dont want me to know about your life or wtv. im okay with that because im not that type of kpochi that would push you until you tell me the thing that you've kept frm me. it just so not me. i want you to tell me until you're ready. but it happen twice. before this you once kept a secret and always avoiding from telling me the truth. it hurts me a lot when people always said "eh kau kawan dia pun taktau ke?" "kau kan rapat dgn dia". i just dont know how to explain and to face those people because it would mirror me as i am such an useless friend. i dont know how to express my feelings when i know that you're willing to share your secret with newcomers in yr life but not me. but i dont bloody care about your so-called secret because it is yours. i accept that. but you kept making me wondering when you always laugh and whispering with one another when you're with your so called gang -.- i was there too. dont you realise it? i hate it when people around me start to talk about that story and i was the only people that still dont know. you dont know what is the feeling until you feel it yourself. makan dalam beb, i cried almost every night because i get irritated. and you should have know me well dear friend because it is almost half of a year we're together. i've forgive you, may Allah bless you