Monday, July 2, 2012

you cant never change me

alhamdulillah i passed the jpj test just now. i am really thankful to Allah because i never passed the slope part well. especially ontheroad test. it is almost 2 slope ontheroad. just imagine how should i cope with the situation. i almost get panic on the road because the car suddenly stop but luckily the pegawai said that "engine tu tk mati, just relax" omg only Allah know how relieve i am at the moment. but i frgt to change to gear2 when it comes to slope that the pgawai said this "kan dah smpai bukit, tukar la gear 2. siapa ajar awak ni?" PERGH makan dalam bhai but its okay as long as i passed it eventhough my marks is 16/20 only. i really hope that i dont have to do the retest as it would cost me

renew the license : 40 (as my license is due on 8th of july)
extra class : 50
retest : 150
P license : 70

and if i were to add the previous payment (850), it costs me about 1160 rm. pergh -.-
alhamdulillah i passed it. alhamdulillah :) so gdluck fr those who'll be having their jpj test soon. im wishing you guys good luck evenhtough what you need is more than luck :) keep on praying as Allah always be there fr you