Friday, August 3, 2012

hi people :) we have had our reunion at pakli kopitiam sec18 shah alam on last wednesday. eventhough everything was planned at the very last minute and some of us agak bengang with some people, but everything went well at last. at the moment i got into pakli with akma, suddenly all of them were like shouting "
nanie" and i was thinking " harini hari jadi aku ke" LOL they were too excited to meet me kot hahaha k ni perasan :p this week is the most happening week i've ever had. i've met tgbian for 2 consecutive days and i got the chance to met my bestfriends in tgb which is opie, kinah, tasya, and not to forget, ena <3 aaaaaawhhh im so thankful to Allah that he gives me the chance to be happy fr the whole week as last week im having my worst week ever i think because i cried too much in the previous week and this week Allah have enlighten my days with these people (: aaaaaaaaaaa i miss them too much that i hugged ena and tasya tightly as i dont want them to leave me k fine i dont want to be sad anymore because im happy to meet them even fr a while. alhamdulillah, im being grateful as you met me with those friends dear Allah. i could never forget them, till we meet again insyaAllah <3