Saturday, September 29, 2012


tonight we have this event by apacs committee at Dataran SAAS. i went there after done w maghrib prayer and watching 2 movies w my dearest roomates. we watched this movie called Crazy little thing called love and salam cinta. i would like to point out the first movie because it is somehow related to my real life. i wish that i could have a love story like that. at first i thought that they werent meant to be together because the boy seems doesnt have any respond to the girl's behaviour. even when the girl was being in a relationship with his bestfriend. but deep in his heart, he cried everytime he saw them being together. awwwwwwh :) the hero in this movie somehow looks alike my crush. i miss you badly S. just now he greet us w 'Selamat Menjamu Selera' wish and i was like ohmaigad is that you who were talking to me? i just couldnt believe it. thanks fr that, i really appreciate it