Friday, September 14, 2012

not to forget

hiii and salam people!
i have a lot of story to be told but then i dont have much time to type all those stories here. lets begin with the classes. recently most of my lecturer has set up quizzes fr us. omg :o last sem seems to be way better than this. i know that this sem is quite challenging because the syllabus is too much fr a 5 months lecture. insyaAllah i'll try my best fr this sem and pass CAT with flying colours. Amin Amin Amin! :) and yeah, nizar is getting crazy. people start to like
keneng-kenengkan me with nizar, the guy which i never interact with. i only knew his name in the first sem because people keep on talking about his high score, and now he's my classmate in FTX and FMA classes. i admit that he's clever. i mean like, he scored well fr those paper. so yeah thats all kot fr him. and yeah not to forget, this week is the most SERABUT week fr us kot, because all of us(i mean by our closest friends) are kind of hambar along this week. im kind of disappointed because i cant meet
Anis Amalina fr the last time before she went to jordan. omg omg omg i shall stop now before i start to cry. boiboi xx