Saturday, September 8, 2012

so long

heyhey. today i decided to go out w my friends as its been so long since i last went out w them. so sorry guys that i dont have much time to spend w you guys. so yeah it is a last minute plan. its all started w a call

N: weeeh amacam? free tak ahad ni yg pasal nk pergi rumah luqman tu?
H: ermm. aku pergi rumah sedara aku kot.
N: ala ala ala what time are you going?
H: around 10-11 dah gerak kot
N: heh? mmg harapan jela nk pergi kot
H: rasanya mcm tu la
N: so bila nk lepak weh?
H: aku on je bila2, kau plan la
N: aku mcm susah sikit nk lepak skrg, you know la kan org busy haha. esok amacam?
H: okay je. who else gonna join us?
N: afnan and afiqah. tapiii kan, boleh tak kita pergi uitm aku dulu, nak amek brg kejap jee, puhlease :0
H: yelayela. pkul 9.30 misscall aku kejut aku, 10.30 kita gerak
N: okiedokie!

so yeah we went to pick up afiqah at first then straight to uitm and then to subang to afnan's house. BANYAK kali sesat jugak la. well im not a good directioner right haha :p We watched The Possession and i screamed a lot in the cinema hall. haha so sorry hafidz fr causing you a trouble. hahahahahha but seriously it is a scary movie. i dont wanna watch that horror movie again, like seriously doh -.-