Wednesday, October 24, 2012

birthday boy

Hi and salam people! yeah i know that before this i had promise to myself that i wont go out but yeah, i just cant resist myself from that. k blame me. so lets start w a phone call to qayyum. i phoned him to inform him that we're going to pick him first then we're going to afnan's, but i was so frustrated to hear his 'suara-baru-bangun-tidur'. grr so at 11.30 ajin pick me up and we went to sec 6 to qayyum's. then to afnan's. so yeah at 12.30 like that there are four people in total in the car. as we arrived at sec 4, i start to feel hot. is it me who cause the bahang or what? haha they kept on blaming me fr the bahang in the car and we started to kipas2 along the way. i use the newspaper to kipas and let the windows opened because it is too hot in the car that we all have started to sweat. i really mean it. and when the people outside start to stare at us, they quickly asked me to close the cermin. lol qayyum and afnan were the most affected by the bahang. hahahahhahah after all the way from kd to subang and we finally arrived at the curve. i mean yeah, thanks to razin fr driving us patiently eventhough i kept on babling in the car. lol

this is our present fr you :D hehe hope you enjoy the cd!