Saturday, October 6, 2012

the vow

i know that today is gonna be the last day fr me to hang out w my friends so i want this to be a great day out w them.

today i went out w afnan, syafiq and yeah not to forget, hafidz. at first hafidz pick me up and we went to sec8 to fetch syafiq. we nearly get lost to find the maroon flat nearby his house. and yeah finally we found his house yeay :D later then we went to subang to pick up afnan. yeah so sorry hafidz that we trouble you much, i've been offering my service to drive the car but you insist not to give me the chance to do so. so yeah you've to like somehow penat sikit la kan hehe :p at first i've planned to go to Setia City Mall but then hafidz just ignored my suggestion. i was pissed as he kept asking me where to go but yet when i came out w suggestion he seems did not interested. then how was i supposed to react when afnan and syafiq kept on bullying me too. i guess that my blood pressure has increased vigorously today as it was 5 hours i had spent w them and it was hilarious 5 hours. they kept on blaming me fr the jammed, the delay and everything. you guys are lucky to have me then because if it was the other girl who'll be in my place, i bet she had curse you guys like hell. haha when i said that im kind of pissed off, they said that bukan selalu pun kitorg buli kau nii. kita jarang jumpa lgpun kan :p hahaha yeah that is so true guys. idk what to expect if i were to study in the same place w you guys now. im surely warded in IJN. phew :p we watched Hotel transylvania just now and it was superb!it was a good movie indeed :D it was only three of us because syafiq has to leave before 2pm. so yeah afnan and hafidz kept laughing and laughing during the movie and people at down there start to give attention to them and it makes me feel uncomfortable as i sat beside them. the movie was too funny i thought? haha that is so them. we went back at 4 and we have a long journey back then. we want to avoid the jammed in pelangi damansara but then we have to go through a loooooong way to tropicana and bandar utama and then to KD. such a tiring day, but still it was fun! i cant describe it w word here. thanks guys fr this day out  :D