Friday, November 23, 2012

breaking dawn part 2

Salam and hi! im home yeah, in kd babyyy. so yeah yesterday i went out w sab, her mom and aunty nurul which is sab mum's friend. we went out together but separate when it comes to breakfast time. haha we went to ikea at first to have the meatball but then i forgot that the breakfast only start on 11.30 so we walked out and went to buy some hotdogs and soft drinks outside. we watched Breaking dawn part 2. omg i've been waiting fr the part 2 so long. the movie was awesome, and the part that i love the most is when bella use her power to somehow show to edward the flashback of their memories since the first twilight. i mean yeah, their love was strong that they could make it until the 5th. eventhough jacob couldnt be with bella, but still he got their daughter; renesmee. haha i almost cried at the end of the movie because they are fated to be together that i could imagine how wonderful their life is. hahahaha k so now i should focus on my FINAL. 2 paper more to go :D wish me luck people, im so gonna work hard fr this final so that i can pass w flying colours. Amin! enjoy yr holidays