Sunday, November 4, 2012

I've lost you once, and I can't lose you again.

thanks fr always being there fr me. 
eventhough i hurt you much but still, you're there fr me. i tried to push you away from my life many times because i dont want to see you hurt. but as i keep on pushing you away, i realised that you are just irresistible. im wondering how much your love towards me because each time i asked you about your feelings, you kept on avoiding it. yeah i admit that i also dont express my feelings that often to you because fr me, as long as our relationship keep on going, i can feel your love. every time i need you, i can feel your presence near me, give me a warm hug and boost my spirit. you know i really need it. i just want you to stay with me. FOREVER. sorry that i treat you badly sometimes but yeah it is my own definition to seek fr your attention. you're the only one who are good at calming me down, and comfort me when im not in the mood. yeah i admit not many people can stand my annoying attitude. you're the chosen one, i guess? lol i once hoping that you're the one that i'll be married to. but who knows? jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah swt. xx