Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 in a blink

it is half an hour to go for new year. im excited haha as you can see in the picture above how eksaited i am lol. yeay hehe (: so ssup guys? countdown depan tv? lol its okay. im doing so too. it is cool actually to countdown depan tv w family. no need nak bersesak2 at crowded places, and when it is oledi 12 am, dah boleh tido lol. okay what? :p dulu i used to go to curve or ou every time ada event mcm new year countdown, independent day countdown or any concert or showdown but yeah now i rarely go to those event sebab dah mcm malas nk bersesak2 and most of my friends pun dah tak pergi so mcm tak fun lah pergi w/o them kan. so i'd rather stay at home and enjoy the tv show muahahaha k i knw im lame but i prefer mcmni. i admit memang best gilaaaa pergi event mcmtu cause dulu i mcm kalau ada event mmg i never missed. siap save pocket money nak pergi haha sacrifice kann. after i entered TGB MJSC, i learned a lot. dulu i pakai tudung pun kejap2. then taktahan pastu bukak. lepastu i vow to wear scarf if i succeed in pmr and get straight A. alhamdulillah, i score 8A's and yeah terus pakai tudung. mula2 mmg ada bukak jugak, but then bila ajin and others tegur i, after that i mcm keep on igt my vow and try not to bukak. n yeah tgb taught me a lot. like A LOOOOOT hehe at first mmg i sumpah seranah tgb but then i realised that this mjsc is a good schl tho. haha eh dah jauh dah ni lari from the topic. i gotta go, see you soon in 2013. xx