Wednesday, December 26, 2012


all i can say is HOLIDAYS are boring. i start the hols with 60kg and i should end w more than that lol. i just checked the result for college application and unfortunately i didnt get place. phew -.- i should've work harder i guess? k im excited fr this saturday as im going out w zanie, syafiq ajiq n afnan. so yeah im thinking of doing something different fr this time maybe lol. and oh yeah i watched so many movies this hols. istanbul aku datang, lagenda budak setan2, pitch perfect, life of pi, wreck-it-ralph, and yeah i watched ADAMHAWA too! but too many eps that i could've only watched 20 eps so far. oh not to forget, i watched the movies in my lappy which is 17 again, the lucky one and etc. too many i thought? lol i guess thats all fr now, xx