Monday, December 31, 2012

like we always did

it is suppose to be me, zanie, syafiq, ajin, hafidz, afiqah n afnan but syafiq and zanie couldnt make it due to some problem. so yeah it is 5 of us and ajin gonna do the drive. i'd like to drive but they insist not to let me do the drive and i was like walaweii gua ada lesen tauuuu! and yet they always ungkit pasal accident yg happened long time ago( haha in april i guess). 

we arrived at afnan's crib at 10.30 and we honked few times but there was no one showed up. i phoned afnan and yeah he sounds like he just woke up  so we have to wait fr him to get ready. hahaha we guys like urghh afnan kau taknak ajak makan or breakfast ke smbil tunggu hang. it took him 20 mins kot to get ready fulaamak kalah pmpuan la dia ni haha. after that we're going to pick up afiqah at lrt kelana jaya and yeah too many obstacles that we face and it took about 1 hour to get there. dah alang2 dekat kj so i suggest y dont we lepak at paradigm je kann. it was our first time for us being there except for hafidz and afnan. after lepaks then we decided to send afiqah at PASUM. 

it was raining heavily and luckily ada afnan and hafidz if not mmg i'd give up tgah jalan la nmpaknya. we arrived pasum 'safely' at 6 and have a small reunion w sufi and afiqahsaidi. haha adilians rock :D when we're leaving mcm sedih sikit la cause bukan senang woi nak gather mcm ni selalu. im missing school k dah emo hahhaah :( it was a great day though because we managed to get home 'safely'. 

the reason y i put the apostrophe is because on our way back from PASUM, there was a bit traffic and suddenly a car passed by our car and the driver pointed to our tyre which i quite didnt understand which part actually yg ada masalah. at afnan's we checked out and found out that the tyre was quite lembik. hahaha that was they said. im terrible at this car thingy haha i should learn it in future somehow in case i got stuck in the highway all alone. (in future meaning errr like in another month or year haha because im too busy that i got no time fr this) alhamdulillah everything was settled and yeah i got keychain from ajin. haha thanks dude! atleast you got something than nothing fr me hehe k day spent well and i type too much i think hahaha enjoy the pictures! ( i put it in between the paragraph so that takdela bosan baca je kannn lol) 

salam, xx