Friday, January 25, 2013

like seriously?

Salam peeps. hahaha uolls mesti macam wondering what is my motif kan fr putting the picture up there hahaha it was actually a random picture referring to the title of this post. so yeah its 2nd day of holidays and i enjoy it much. being at home the whole day is heaven. you know what it feels right hahahaha so yeah i spent all the day watching movies, eat unhealthy food, texting some friends and sleep krohhh kroohh hahahah this is life. i'd rather spend my holidays with this kind of routine than to go outside and meet people. oh come on it is holidays people, everyone of us have their own way of spending the hols, including me and i am happy with my life, i guess? lol so 2 days down, 3 days more to go. i really have to work out on my assignment by tomorrow because i dont want to do it on the very last minute. but eventually when i started to do the assignment, there is always something came up and distract me from completing it. urgh :/ the midterm is coming in a week i guess, and the worst part is i dont study much. or should i say, i dont revise anything at all?! like seriously? this new sem is freaking me out. i should get outta here. wish me luck! :D xx