Thursday, January 24, 2013

Long walk.

Hii and salam fellas! Salam maulidur rasul to all. Alhamdulillah im still alive on this beautiful day. I just got a bad news from twitter that there is an accident happened to one of peejowl's friends whose named hamsa. Alfatihah to hamsa. He was one of smk ttdi jaya's. So thats it about the news. N yeah happy holidays people. Im having 5 days hols woooohooo! And oh i aint going to tgb due to some changes. So yeah i've promised syerra that we'll be going to skype everyday because we're awesome liddat. I kinda missed her bcse  its been awhile since we last have a long talk. Or shud i say, i miss her a LOT harhar i bet you are gonna rolling on the floor laughing when you read this syerra hahahahah sorry kita tkdapat jumpa takpe asalkan you always keep me in yr heart k hahahahah idk y but i feel that our relationship lagi kuat bila berjauhan hahahahah kalau jumpa mesti nak gaduh je kan hahaha walaweiiiiii i crap a lot oledi, gotta go. xx