Thursday, January 10, 2013


New semester

i didnt get a place in Ms. Faridah's class. so yeah i manage to get into Ms. Rohana 's class.

i didnt get a place in college. so yeah i have to berulang alik from my house which is in damansara to shah alam like every day. success need sacrifices kan

at first i dah pilih kelas yg start at 10 and eventually we missed the 8am class on friday. so i thought of tumpang syafiq because he also got class at 8 on the same day. unfortunately a lecturer changed a 4-6 class to 8-10 AM class. and everyone agree with it. i just dont get it. korang okayla sebab korang stay in college and takde class yg clash. but not me! i dont get with people yg selfish! grrr considerate la org lain ada mslah sndiri. try put yourself on our shoes. maybe you'll feel what iolls feel. memang la senang org cakap, tumpang bilik org tu org ni but till when? i understand kalau tumpang2 ni menyusahkan org. i dont want that to happen.

so yeah too many probs that i face recently. hoping i can cope with this sooner or later. inshaa Allah. let us pray for our success together. may Allah bless you guys.