Friday, February 15, 2013

what a surprise!

so yeah hiiiii and salam to everyone! im having a week of holidays and im enjoying it! i went back to my hometown at malacca last sunday because we have to attend a wedding of my mom's relatives. i met a lot of people there, and the line there was like asdfghjkl. i never thought that sucks it would be as i have to wait fr like half an hour just to post a photo and to send a tweet. my cousin, izzaty is here so memang tak lekat kat rumah leeer. i just pick her up at kampung and brought her back here. i miss her a lot! eventhough dia mcm annoying sikit but then, i love her much. a day after we got here, we went out to the curve and watched hansel and gretel. i've been wanting to watch that movie. yet i dont know that it is fr 18 and above so yeah i am proud of bringing an under age cousin to a 18sx movie hehe :D we have fun on that day and the day after that we went to times square. shopping time! we're a bit rushing at that time as we have to go back before 4 to avoid those traffic. as we are on our way back home i was surprised to read those tweets about a chinese ladies yg dikatakan bunuh diri from level 6 of ts. WHAT A SURPRISEEEEE!!! phew we were there at that time but im glad that we didnt witness tragedy. so yeah last night i had this dream about the lady and it scared me kbye