Saturday, March 9, 2013

our faculty

it was so hectic for me (and my fellow friends and lecturers) last week as the degree students have came back from their long holidays. wuwuuuu should i be happy of that? hahaha you know the answer oledi. our faculty is so poor in condition that we only have 3 lifts for the the students and 1 staff lift (but i and my friends guna jugak when we are late to the class lol) since i stay at my home which is in kd, so i'll be the one yg dtg plg awal lah kan because nak avoid those traffic jammed. if it is 8 am class, lepas subuh dah gerak woi haha dah mcm school student dah i rasa, tapi time kat tgb dulu i lepas subuh sambung kroh krohh smpai lah ldp (which is mcm pengawas la) countdown fr us to clear the block. pheww T.T so yeah back to the topic. since there is pertambahan umat in our faculty, so yeah we have to somehow berebut2 nak naik lift even sometimes lecturer pun kenalah buang malu bersempit2 dgn students in the lift and get wet because our lift dont have aircond (or do they have it? lol). kalau in the past 3 months, dtg pukul 8 tepat pun memang you always get a place in the lift and 2 mins after that you'll reach your class but now dah tak sama. i yg dtg like pukul 7.40 pun dah ramai yg tunggu depan lift, haihh i mcm wondering what time lah dorg ni punya class sebab dorg dtg like veryyyy early kot! takpe awal2 ni mmg la smgt kot tgoklah nanti mesti dorg dtg lagi lambat hehe so yeah regarding the faculty yg mcm sesak gila, so recently i read a tweet yg one guy ni post sound like this la "when can we get our own faculty for professional students: cat, acca n cima? " and the tweet is quote by another guy and he mentioned our dato S also. so yeah dato S reply to it and the tweet sound like this la "insyaAllah the faculty tgah dlm proses lagi at puncak alam" and yeah kitorg were surprised lah kan, omg its palam kot. jauuuuuuh dari bandar zzzz i'd rather bersesak2 kat uitm shah alam than live there perghhhhh i cant imagine how would we survive there.