Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tempat tumpahnya air mata

Salam and hi! So yeah after the final exam, my beautiful and handsome friends (yeke) have planned to pay a visit to tgb! We went there by 3 cars(mcm ramai ja kan tapi takpun bajet ramai ja ni) haha. A long journey i should say. From shah alam - senawang - TGB,jasin - mahkota parade - ikea - home sweet home. Phew mata dah merah2 sebab tahan mgantuk. Well i should be given some pay fr being a co pilot fr A DAY. FREAKING 20 HOURS huh but day spent well w fellow classmates. And yeah not to forget there are also others batchmate that are joining us on that day. So afterall it is 6 cars from our batchmate! Yeah 10/11
bila dah reunited mcmni, teringat zaman dolu2. so much fun in a day! Alhamdulillah for this opportunity ya Allah, to meet them and to have them as part of my memories.